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Events are great forums to show off company products. Whether it’s a product launch, pop-up shop, brand anniversary party, or sponsored marketing event, with the right eye and a knack for event design, you can seamlessly incorporate products into an event’s environment.

BizBash recently shared a few innovative examples of this concept in action.

  • During a recent NBA All-Star Weekend, a private event hosted by Adidas put many of their best-selling products to work. The company suspended numerous pairs of shoes from the ceiling – creating a compelling overhead display.
  • Event design innovation was pushed to new highs during a recent Vogue Eyewear party in Los Angles. Frames of modern eyewear were displayed among floral arrangement before getting frozen in giant ice blocks, resulting in striking bar displays.
  • Skin care brand Clinique celebrated its 45-year-old flagship moisturizer during a recent event in New York City. As guests entered the space, they encountered a hallway lined with over 4,000 bottles of lotion.

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With a lot of talent and a ton of effort, event design can reach new horizons and set the standard for future events across the industry. Let us help you be a trendsetter.

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