integrated marketing

Integrated marketing is a crucial part of event design, and with the help of the dedicated team at FormSet, you can seamlessly integrate it into your next event. 

The ultimate goal of integrated marketing during an event is to create an experience so seamless that attendees don’t even realize they’re being exposed to numerous marketing channels. On the surface, it would seem you need black magic to accomplish this feat, but it’s much simpler than that. 

According to a recent Bloomberg article from integrated marketing expert Steve McKee, “Integration is not simply slapping a common tagline onto all your ads, using a single color palette, or force-fitting a message that’s suited for one medium into another.”

Instead, brands need to align all of their efforts, from event design and public relation to social media and attendee engagement.

PR and social media help build hype around an event months before it starts, and should set the foundation for the experience that is about to unfold. Once the big day is finally here, your event design needs to reflect the message you’ve been sending out to fulfill integrated marketing, and we can help guide you through the process. 

The design team at FormSet has years of experience helping clients implement integrated marketing campaigns in their event design. Our talented team creates branded hard sets, signage, staging, podiums, light boxes, and so much more to strengthen your brand and create memorable experiences.


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