What sets Formset apart?

Our unrivaled selection of easy-to-assemble stage sets, custom event design products and staging equipment.

Our Designs

Why Choose Formset?

Fast, Easy Assembly

  • Formset is a modular design system made of 2’ x 2’ lightweight flameproof plastic squares.

  • Your stage set assembles in minutes!

  • No tools are required to install Formset without rigging.

  • The set assembles on freestanding lightweight aluminum frames or the frames can hang from a truss.

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Infinite Variety of Design and Messages

  • We offer many designs to choose from.  Designs can be rotated and mix-and- matched to achieve an unlimited number of looks.

  • Each 3D form can quickly be rotated to give you a different look. If you have a morning and afternoon session, you can change the look over lunch!

  • Mix and match the shapes to create the look you choose.

  • We can quickly create virtual renderings of your design to visually show you what the finished product will look like.  Or use our Do It Yourself visualizer tool to create your own!

  • Formset is designed to be video mapped, quickly and easily. Using our 3D models, your animators’ job is halfway done.  This makes complicated Video Mapping within reach for a much lower budget.

  • Any configuration is possible, including screen surrounds, columns archways or even ceilings.

  • Our system works with any screen size in any aspect ratio, or a television screen.


Assembly Instructions & Labor Provided

  • We can supply expert labor to setup, or you can set it up yourself. Because the setup is so quick, labor costs will be low and affordable.

  • We can provide all assembly instructions.

  • We have distributors across the U.S. so you don’t have to ship.

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Branded To Cover Your Message

  • Formset is easily custom-branded with a three dimensional or printed logo.  This makes Formset a custom experience for a rental budget!

Frame System

  • Our proprietary frames are made of lightweight, anodized aluminum and are designed to set up very quickly with no tools.

  • Our standard frame is 4’ x 8’, but we also have 2’ x 2’, 2’ x 4’, 4’ x 4’, and 2’ x 8’. With our Formset system, we can achieve any even-numbered size with no truss.

  • Walls are assembled with our proprietary stage jacks supports.

  • Frames have a track to support a 3/16″ carriage bolt to allow for unlimited custom configurations or applications.

Curved Walls

  • Use our proprietary hinge system to create curved walls!  We can create any radius of wall up to 20’ tall.

  • Curved walls can surround a round stage, create intimate viewing areas, or create a curved buffet.

One-on-One Offices

  • Create intimate office areas throughout a ballroom

  • Offices can incorporate branding, TV’s, and lighting

  • Scalable to any size or quantity



Hanging System

  • Frames can be rigged with our cheeseboroughs or eyebolts to fly off your truss to any height. Your riggers will be able to fly FormSet very quickly.

Assembly Instructions

  • Detailed assembly instructions will be sent with your order to make sure your set up is done efficiently.


  • We can easily create custom molds, enabling you create your own Formset. Any 3D form can be made within a few weeks―a cost-effective solution to a custom project.

  • We can achieve any custom configuration.


  • Backlit acrylic panels

  • Lightbox panels

  • Custom printed logos

  • Custom sculpted logos

  • Shelf inserts

  • Walls on wheels