going green at your event

“Going green” is one of the biggest trends in event design right now, and with a little elbow grease (natural of course), you can turn your next event into a sustainable masterpiece.

Making a green event design or trade show appearance goes way beyond using recycled materials. According to BizBash, there are numerous strategies you can use during the planning process to significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

  1. Rent at the venue
    Audio-video equipment and stage sets are bulky, and often cost a lot of money to ship. But in addition to a substantial price tag, the carbon footprint of shipping these items is huge. Instead, see if you can rent equipment already at your destination.
  2. Consider weight of materials
    Transporting heavy materials result in a much larger carbon footprint. If you’re event design calls for a stage or modular wall systems, try to use light-weight materials, such as aluminum, instead of heavier metals or wood.
  3. Eco-friendly SWAG
    Everyone loves event SWAG, and you can use this opportunity to spread your eco-friendly initiative to your initiative to attendees. Items such as branded water bottles, biodegradable pens, and solar phone chargers are proven hits.   
  4. Keep displays generic
    The FormSet team can brand just about anything, but to keep it green, try to make your designs as generic so they can be used at future events. Displays with precise information, such as dates and location aren’t reusable.

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FormSet is all about going green, and we want to help reduce your carbon footprint at your next event! Connect with us today and we’ll help design an unforgettable green event.