Delivering presentations seems daunting to many people. You are on the stage and everyone is listening to what you have to say. Fortunately, FormSet has a few ideas to help you get prepared to deliver your next presentation effectively and in an engaging manner.


Know Your Audience

As a presenter, you are an expert in your field but everyone else may not understand all of the points that you will be bringing up. There may be areas that you need to spend more time explaining than others. Also, some industry terms may be unfamiliar to all audiences. It is best to deliver the presentation using general terms and providing examples as needed.

Prepare Your Presentation

While you won’t be reading your presentation, you need to make decisions about the order of the material. One method is to write the entire presentation out. Another is to create a detailed outline that can be referred to but not read during the presentation. You will find the method that is right for you. Preparation allows you to decide the message that you want to convey and structure the presentation to meet that goal.

Prepare Your Slide Show

There are several rules of thumbs for creating slide shows, such as PowerPoints. Done ineffectively, they can be detrimental to the overall part of the presentation rather than an asset.

  • Use a slide template throughout the presentation. This will create a cleaner look.
  • Limit the amount of text and font styles on each slide. This will increase the slides readability. Avoid dense visuals, like spreadsheets, that will be useless before a large gathering.
  • Slides should support what you are talking about so don’t stand and read the slide. The audience will soon lose interest if someone is reading something that they can read themselves. Also, reading the slide means that your back will be turned to the audience.
  • Don’t use flashy graphics, animation or swooping screen effects. They become tiresome and may be perceived as “cutesy”. Bottom line, they will detract attention away from the information that you are delivering.
  • Keep track of time while you are speaking. Attendees will become bored and lose interest if the presentation runs too long. Sometimes, brevity is needed.
  • Allow for a period of questions and answers at the end of the time period. You may find that concepts you thought everyone understood actually needs a little more discussion.

Technical Issues

Always have a Plan B in the event that there are technical issues on the day of the event. Having a handout of the presentation ensures that you will be able to deliver the materials regardless of the issues that arise. You can also include several sources of additional information and cite presentation sources.

On the day of your presentation, the last thing you want to worry about is your event going off without a hitch. The dedicated team at FormSet Events can take the pressure off. Contact us today!