Color pairings

Event design and color selection go hand-in-hand. Colors have a significant impact on everything from mood to how attendees perceive your brand.


Time and time again, we’ve covered what you should do when selecting a color pallet, but this time around we want to highlight color combinations to avoid!

  • White and yellow on a green background.
    Green is a great color since it promotes balance and harmony in the viewer’s eye. However, when serving as the backdrop to white and yellow text, it creates chaos. White and yellow text melts into a green background and will leave viewers with a headache.
  • Light objects on a light background.
    To grab people’s attention, text and images need to pop, and pairing light text and images on a white background achieve the opposite. The most important elements of your display need to stand out so viewers understand what your brand represents.
  • Bright color combos.
    Bright colors pique attendees’ interest, but there’s a limit to how much they can handle. Piling too many vivid colors together comes off as tasteless and will have attendees running in the opposite direction.
  • Textured background with colored text.
    Textured surfaces are pleasing to look at, but it’s a dangerous gamble to overlay them with text and images. Instead, use textured images – such as textured wall panels– to complement your branding.

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