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The set design of your next event needs to look good. You want to make a good impression of your brand while also coming off as stylish and on the cutting-edge. However, according to a recent report from the Huffington Post, when selecting your decor theme, there could be a much larger psychological aspect to consider.


According to the news source, color has a big impact on people moods, so if there is a specific vibe you’re looking for, you should review the psychological impact on the following colors:


Red is the color of aggression and passion. If you want your event to be more of a party with music, mingling and maybe event dancing, red is the way to go.


Blue has a strong calming effect. In fact, research shows that the color blue can even lower blood pressure. Blue also evokes a sense of trust, so event attendees could be more inclined to network.


Green is the color of nature, and as such can provide a calming and refreshing environment. The color green also improves concentration. If your event is full of seminars and educational session, go green.


Yellow promotes a sense of joy and happiness. As a bright color, yellow provides a very open atmosphere and often brings a smile and open demeanor to guests.


Orange is a mixture of red and yellow, so it borrows traits from both colors. Orange is also an active color, so it could be the perfect color scheme for teambuilding activities.


Black is regal and fancy and works well for formal events. They don’t call it a black-tie event for nothing.


The dedicated team at FormSet helps its clients produce the best possible events, stages and booths out there. It’s easy to get people excited about your brand, especially when you have so many colors at your disposal.


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