Creating Effective Event Presentations

  Delivering presentations seems daunting to many people. You are on the stage and everyone is listening to what you have to say. Fortunately, FormSet has a few ideas to help you get prepared to deliver your next presentation effectively and in an engaging manner.   Know Your Audience As a presenter, you are an…


event designer

With the Right Eye, Products Make Great Event Décor

Events are great forums to show off company products. Whether it’s a product launch, pop-up shop, brand anniversary party, or sponsored marketing event, with the right eye and a knack for event design, you can seamlessly incorporate products into an event’s environment. BizBash recently shared a few innovative examples of this concept in action. During…


integrated marketing

Put Integrated Marketing to Work at Your Next Event

Integrated marketing is a crucial part of event design, and with the help of the dedicated team at FormSet, you can seamlessly integrate it into your next event.  The ultimate goal of integrated marketing during an event is to create an experience so seamless that attendees don’t even realize they’re being exposed to numerous marketing…


event planning trends

4 of the Hottest Trends in Trade Show Design

FormSet’s design team has years of experience helping our clients represent their brands at trade shows across the country. The idea of a trade show is straightforward – companies gather to display their products and services and give prospective clients hands-on exposure, bBut according to Event Manager Blog, there are some hot trends currently redefining…


going green at your event

Going Green: Event Design With a Sustainable Twist

“Going green” is one of the biggest trends in event design right now, and with a little elbow grease (natural of course), you can turn your next event into a sustainable masterpiece. Making a green event design or trade show appearance goes way beyond using recycled materials. According to BizBash, there are numerous strategies you…


event furniture

4 Unique Ways to Include Furniture in Event Design

When you think of event design, what comes to mind? Probably branded modular walls, ambient lighting, and eye-catching stages for presenters and keynote speakers, right? What many people fail to consider is the type of furniture to include in an event design. Do it properly and furniture can serve as power accent pieces. According to…


event activities

4 Fun Activities That Attract Trade Show Visitors

A trade show booth is an excellent way to strengthen your brand and an ideal setting to display your company’s products and services. FormSet is well-versed in designing and producing high-quality trade show booths guaranteed to “wow” current and prospective clients. But depending on your audience, some individuals want to be entertained more than others, and…


Color pairings

Color Pairings That Will Derail Your Event Design

Event design and color selection go hand-in-hand. Colors have a significant impact on everything from mood to how attendees perceive your brand.   Time and time again, we’ve covered what you should do when selecting a color pallet, but this time around we want to highlight color combinations to avoid! White and yellow on a green…


booth staffers

6 Booth Staffers You Need to Avoid

The talented FormSet design team can help construct a one-of-a-kind tradeshow booth that will attract prospective clients and peers while portraying your brand in a positive light. But once the doors open to the exhibit hall, it’s important to staff your booth with a team of winners and go-getters. These individuals can be difficult to…