4 Tips for a Remarkable Panel Discussion

FormSet’s easy-to-assemble stage sets create an amazing backdrop for any presentation, but are especially compelling for panel discussions. Although we can make your panel look great, LinkedIn has a few tips to ensure your panelists are set up for success. Keep visual aids to a minimum. Panels are supposed to be discussions, not presentations, and if panelists…

Event Design

Push Your Event Design to the Next Level

Developing an event can be a daunting task, but with the help of FormSet’s dedicated team, you can implement a bold design, lavish color, and incredible texture to create a dynamic, one-of-a-kind environment. To make your event design standout among the competition, BizBash has a few suggestions to create better conditions for your future meetings…

Mobile Apps for Event Professionals

Streamline Your Event With These 4 Powerful Apps

Smartphones streamline the entire event planning process as well as the flow of the event once it’s underway. However, to effectively use this tool, you’ll need to download the best apps in the marketplace. VenturePact recommends the following: EventBoard– A simple mobile conference tool that allows you to connect and communication with attendees. EventBoard provides…

Visual Aids

Prop up Your Next Presentation With Visual Aids

A well-designed stage is an excellent setting for a speech or presentation, but according to Toastmasters, visual aids and props can significantly supplement what you’re saying. According to the communication education organizations, “Visual aids and props should be colorful and unique, but not so dazzling that they detract from the speaker’s presence. Never use visual…

Stage Presence

5 Hints for a Powerful Stage Presence

The dedicated team members at FormSet are experts when it comes to set design, staging, podiums, and lighting options, but when it comes to what you do on a FormSet-designed stage is up to you. Public speaking is a difficult skill to perfect, but with the following tips from Toast Masters, you won’t only look…