booth staffers

The talented FormSet design team can help construct a one-of-a-kind tradeshow booth that will attract prospective clients and peers while portraying your brand in a positive light.

But once the doors open to the exhibit hall, it’s important to staff your booth with a team of winners and go-getters. These individuals can be difficult to find, and sometimes it’s easier to identify the types of people you don’t want representing your company.

According to Skyline Exhibits & Events, you should refrain from allowing the following types of people from staffing your trade show booth.

  • The Networker – It’s good to be talkative, but not if you stray too far from your objectives. Networkers have the habit of chatting up industry peers and collecting business cards, instead of touching base with potential clients.
  • The Firehose – Someone who drones on and on, while failing to listen to the individual pains, needs, and goals of potential customers is a firehose. Put one of these word-spewers at your tradeshow booth and visitors might drown.
  • The Wall Flower– Introverts already have difficulty at trade show booths, but a Wall Flower takes it a step further by never working up the courage or initiative to start conversations.
  • The Downer– Booth staff needs to be excited about your products and services. A downer is living in a permanent rain cloud and can be a significant threat to your company’s image.
  • The Invisible Man (or Woman)– Have a member of your booth staff who shows up late, leaves early, and takes extra-long breaks, you have an invisible man on your hands.  
  • The Robot– Successful booth staff can make personal connections with visitors. A robot is only comfortable talking about technical details, facts, and figures. Although this type of person comes in handy, they should be leading the networking charge.


Read more at Skyline.

Staffing your booth with personable and intelligent individuals who know everything there is to know about your products and services is of the utmost importance. But no matter who you should, we promise you one thing – your booth design will stand out from the rest! Contact FormSet today!