FormSet’s easy-to-assemble stage sets create an amazing backdrop for any presentation, but are especially compelling for panel discussions. Although we can make your panel look great, LinkedIn has a few tips to ensure your panelists are set up for success.

  1. Keep visual aids to a minimum. Panels are supposed to be discussions, not presentations, and if panelists are allowed to use slides the mash-up between formats could be jarring for the audience.
  2. Lining panelists up behind a table is a popular option, but we think you should ditch the table and only keep the chairs. A table creates separation between the panelists and the audience, creating an overly formal environment.
  3. Arrange panelists in a semi-circle, it allows them to address one another directly. If you have a moderator, position him or her in the middle.
  4. We previously discussed the importance of a “sound” microphone system for stage activities, and this still applies to panel discussions. A lack of microphones makes it easy for panelists to talk over one another, and you want everyone to have an equal voice.

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